Ponderings of a Pedaling Pastor


Written by Dennis Whitmore.

Nowadays, few parents would suggest that their teenagers stay out all night. But back in 1977, with the encouragement of his dad, seventeen year old Dennis Whitmore tried his first overnight bicycle trip from Baltimore to Fairfield, PA. Since that first sixty+ mile trip, Whitmore has logged tens of thousands of miles on his bike across forty-plus years and thirteen states. Physical road trips expanded to become spiritual adventures, offering lessons for living. “I have found in my journeys across the miles, that I was always safe and never alone.” Whitmore said: “God has always been with me, even when I was not looking for Him.” But Whitmore was looking for Him. Rolling along on quiet rural roads, he pondered life, purpose, and what is truth. The author was a skeptical agnostic who rejected the Bible and had no use for churches until a close friend’s conversion prompted him to question his doubts. On the road, he prayed out loud and asked God to reveal Himself. The secrets of life are hidden in plain view. From these times, insights and points to ponder have come to him. Even those who have never ridden a bicycle have enjoyed his rides and learned from these ponderings. For a quick five minute read or a contemplative devotion, the Pedaling Pastor’s Ponderings will prompt you to think in ways you may not have thought to think before.
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