Adopt an Artifact

Adopt an Artifact: Middlekauff Violin

Join us in adopting our second Adopt an Artifact, a violin owned by the Middlekauff family. The Middlekauffs were early 18th century German immigrants who settled in Washington County, notably Sharpsburg, Beaver Creek, and Hagerstown.

The violin passed through the Middlekauff line into the hands of Cora B. (Middlekauff) Welty (1888-1979), who donated it to the WCHS in 1970. Cora received the violin from her grandfather, Joseph Michael Middlekauff (1836-1909; buried in Rose Hill Cemetery), who left the violin to Cora when she was twenty years old.

Adoption funds raised for this violin will directly support a professional assessment of the violin along with light repair work as needed, including repair work to its case.

We are delighted to share this next Adopt an Artifact with you! Your support will ensure this artifact’s preservation and care. Donate here:

Object ID: M0377 / Donor: Cora B. Middlekauff Welty