Middletown Valley (Images of America)


Written by Dr. Robert P. Savitt.

The towns of Maryland’s Middletown Valley bear the imprints of some of the most telling events in early American history: the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the building of America’s first national road. Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president, described the Middletown Valley as “one of the most favored and delightful spots on earth.” The largest town, picturesque Middletown, was the scene of intense activity during the Civil War. Mountaintop Braddock Heights became a resort “getaway” after the construction of a trolley line in 1896. Myersville was settled in the 1700s by industrious immigrants who set up a bustling community of farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. Wolfsville, an appealing old settlement near the Mason-Dixon Line, was occupied by Confederate forces in 1864. The charming little village of Burkittsville sits beneath a mountain that boasts the world’s only monument to fallen war correspondents. Using images gathered from local families, historical societies, and libraries, Middletown Valley explores the unique history and daily lives of the people who have lived and worked in this magical valley.

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