Your support can play a vital role in bringing our mission to life. By donating to the Washington County Historical Society, you directly contribute to preserving the stories, artifacts, and memories that make up our shared history. Your generosity will empower us to continue expanding our educational offerings, curating captivating exhibits, and hosting meaningful events that bring our history to life for individuals of all ages!

Ways To Give

All donations to the Washington County Historical Society and kinship Family Heritage Research Center are tax deductible. No amount is too little or too large and each dollar is invested into the organization with care and accountability.

The Historical Society accepts donations in a number of different ways including:

  • » In Person: during our hours of operation.
  • » Online: visit our online shop to learn more.
  • » Through Mail: if you prefer the good old fashion way!


If you would like to make a donation to us through the Washington County Community Foundation you can donate here.

Gifting Options

There are a number of different ways you can provide financial support to Washington County Historical Society:

  • » General Support Donations
  • » Donations of Appreciated Assets
  • » Legacy Bequests
  • » IRA contributions
  • » Employer Programs
  • » Beneficiary Designations
  • » Remembrance Gifts

The Heritage Circle

Organizations live on through the gifts that their members provide in time and commitment to future solvency. Your willingness to respond with a legacy gift helps to assure the perpetuity of the Washington County Historical Society and its mission to preserve the history of this community.

What You Can Do

We ask that you commit to a Legacy Gift by remembering the Washington County Historical Society in your estate planning.  Gifts could include bequests, transfers of assets such as stocks, bonds, IRAs, or cash as an outright gift through the estate.

Pledging to do so brings you into the unique Heritage Circle, without regard to the limitations of your ability to give. This process would be handled through your estate planning, in consultation with your legal adviser.  The amount of the gift would be dependent on your discretion.

Thank you to our current Heritage Circle Donors: Mildred Heimer, Gary & Kitty Frick, and Lucy Edmonds.

Thank You!

We truly appreciate your support, now and in the future. The sustainability of the Washington County Historical Society is dependent upon the goodwill of its members, donors, patrons and sponsors. We thank you in advance for considering donating to the Washington County Historical Society.


Make a fully tax-deductible contribution to Washington County Historical Society and help us bring the past to life. Our mission to connect people to the those who have gone before us has never been more relevant—donate today and extend the experience for all. WCHS is a 501(c)3 not for profit institution. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.