Hagerstown During World War II


Written by Kurtis Myers.

In the 1940’s, the world was swept into the drama of World WarII. Across the oceans, the battles raged and lives were changed forever. Life was no less altered on the home front. Blackout drills, rationing, civil defense meetings, bond drives, and long work hours in the defense plants became familiar activities in America. In Hagerstown, Fairchild Aircraft alone employed over 8,000 people, while other defense industries such as Pangborn, Moller, and Victor Products all did their part in winning the war. Meanwhile, women and children, neighbors and coworkers families and friends strived to live life and support their loved ones “over there.” This story, told through over 650 images, will take you back like a visual time machine. You will be informed, inspired, and transported back to meet the people, tour the workplaces, and experience life in Hagerstown, Maryland during World War II.
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